Follow the same instruction you find in installation page but choose and activate child theme.


This WordPress theme include the following css files:
  • bootstrap.min.css this is the css of the framework that is used in this theme.
  • this is the extarnal css used for the font type.
  • font-awesome.min.css this css gives scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized.
  • simple-line-icons.css this css used for the features icons
  • device-mock.min.css this css used for help style device
  • apptime.css this is the main css file, here you can find color, typography, etc...
  • style.css this is the main WordPress css file, feel free to edit it


This WordPress theme include the following js files:
  • bootstrap.min.js bootstrap framework got also javascript file to reduce code to write.
  • jquery.easing.min.js this javascript neeeds to animate some item.
  • scrollReveal.min.js this javascript used scroll page effect.
  • apptime.min.js this is the main javascript file.
  • apptime-custom-js.js this is the main theme javascript file, feel free to edit it.


By clicking on "Customize" on the left of your backend you can discover awsome functions that can help you to customize and complete your theme as you like!
You can change Header Background, Donload button link, Features Section, and much more! Go to next page to see how to build you theme.